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MLFinds: JA

When it comes to interior design, my style tends to gravitate towards modern pieces that border on masculine. My bedroom is all dark wood with a deep indigo bed set. Apart from my nail polish wall, the only girly touches are my crystal picture frames filled with black and white photos of my friends and family. […]

MM Valli Spring 15

When it comes to a Giambattista Valli collection, it’s best just to sit back and relish in all the beauty. While I’m personally not over Spring ’14 Couture, this upcoming Spring ’15 RTW is coming in awfully close as a new favorite.  From the blossom branches (a continued GV theme), to the sixties couture shifts, […]

MM Ferretti Fall 14

As we actually start to face Fall, we’ve finally whipped out our sweaters, relished in our hot beverages, planned apple-picking excursions, and started to plan for a killer Halloween. For all of the above, there’s hardly a more seasonally appropriate Ladyfinger beyond Alberta Ferretti’s Fall ’14 collection. Inspired by the forrest that surrounds her home, she […]

MLF Halloween

Here at Miss Ladyfinger it’s all about eye-catching nail art. Whether you’re a veteran Miss Ladyfinger reader or a newbie, you’ll quickly come to learn I’m not one for cutesy. We make bold, fashionable statements here. So with Halloween right around the corner, I am committed to providing you the most frightening (yet chic) Ladyfingers […]

MM Balmain RE

Being 27 years old, I can tell you that it’s the year of the mid-life crisis. You’re not quite in the same game as you were two years ago. You’re nearing 30 and you start to reevaluate your life: where your career is headed, your current relationship (or lack thereof) status, apartment hunting for a […]