Living the polished life.

As a woman, there are many things we moan and groan about: that time of the month, washing our hair more than twice a week, and for many of us (insert raising hand emoji) it’s shaving our legs. Don’t get me wrong– its always worth it in the end. Who doesn’t want silky smooth legs […]

Admittedly, I’ve turned into that 28 year old who’s too cool to dress up for Halloween. But just because I’ve hung up my skanky Superwoman, Snow White, and Black Swan costumes doesn’t mean I’m done with Halloween forever. No– it just means I’m growing up. Instead I reach for the scary make up (see last year’s […]

After a mini-hiatus, I’m back with another visual masterpiece (if I do say so myself)… this time inspired by a watercolor fashion fusion masterpiece from the recent Chanel Spring ’16 show. I saw this collection and couldn’t help myself– I had to refrain from pinning almost the whole show to my Spring/Summer Pinterest board. Aside […]

Next to my love of nails, my second passion is music. I am a frequent festival goer– not only for the music, but for the good vibes and loud nail art that comes with it. Of course, I’m not one to abide by rules like “no white after labor day” or “don’t mix navy and […]

Dare I say it? It’s almost sweater weather! I admittedly have already begun my Fall shopping (insert guilty Bitmoji). In two months under all the layers and blankets I’ll definitely regret rushing Fall too soon, but how can you help it when the Fall fashion is just so good? The answer is: transition-wear. Pair your Summer […]