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MM Miu Miu Fall 14

The weather might suck, but that definitely doesn’t mean your outfits have to. Actually, after one glance at the Miu Miu Fall ’14 collection, you may be reaching for the bright green heeled galoshes and performing your rain dance just for more excuses to wear them. The collection was based on every day practicality with […]


I wish there was a secret to painting nails. I am so frequently asked how it’s possible to paint both hands. You insist that you cannot paint a straight line if your life depended on it and therefore have a ungodly tab at your local nail salon. But the answer to all of your frustrations […]

MANICURE MUSE: Gucci Fall '14

With the big players of the fashion industry, you always expect greatness. Oscar will always be the king of sophistication, Diane will always dress women to feel empowered and sexy, Karl will always master extravagant satirical shows, and Miuccia will always express high art with fashion. However, where you would expect Frida Giannini to serve […]

MM Chanel Fall 14

For Fall ’14, Karl Lagerfeld gave us some food for thought… literally. The Chanel collection took place in the supermarket of every woman’s dreams where shopping baskets were constructed with

MANICURE MUSE: Givenchy Fall 14

At first, realizing Kendall Jenner walked the Marc Jacobs runway came as a shock (no, really— I didn’t even recognize her). Once I searched back through the show I found the disguised Kardashian wigged and scantily clad in a see-through knit. Then, just a week later I nearly got whiplash when I discovered that it […]