Living the polished life.

And so begins New York Fashion Week Day 1. It wouldn’t be fashion week unless there was a blizzard involved… and guess what? We’re right on schedule. This year Fashion Week also happens to fall over Valentines Day, which made picking my official NYFW Ladyfinger very easy. Does anything scream high-fashion and Valentine’s Day more […]

There’s nothing I love more than spring cleaning– and this year I got a head start. With the addition of my new polish closet (tour coming soon, I promise!), everything is now fully organized, categorized, and in order. In an effort of trimming down the ungodly number of polishes that currently take over my room, I […]

So… I’m currently in Miami. The minute I heard there was another blizzard coming for New York City, I booked a flight outta there. I mean, there are only so many blizzards a person can take! And in lieu of sun, lawn chairs, and the pools I’d be camping out at this week, I thought […]

The only thing that ever motivates me to watch the Super Bowl is 1. the food, 2. the halftime show and 3. the Puppy Bowl (in that order) and usually I can be swayed to ditch the whole thing with a Friends rerun on TV. But thank goodness, I was right where I needed to be […]

The most anticipated show of the year showed earlier this week, and Uncle Karl certainly did not disappoint. His futuristic mechanical floral garden set the scene for a bright and colorful show. Flowers bloomed over every surface: on top of shoulders, across hemlines, and even flounced upon giant Edwardian-style hats. The real showstopper, besides the iconic […]