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Bloody Ladyfingers 2.0

Conjuring up the perfect Halloween costume is fun for sure, but I most look forward to embodying my character all the way down to my nails. It’s all in the details after all. So in keeping with blood and gore spirit of Halloween, I present to you Bloody Ladyfingers 2.o (which takes lasts year’s Black Swan-inspired Bloody Ladyfingers up a drippy notch). These are super easy to do and will guarantee to gross people out.

To get this look, I used Taupe by Love & Beauty, Paint the Town by Maybelline’s Color Show, Velvet Voyeur by Essie, Cutex Corrector, a nail art brush, a paper plate, a sponge and tweezers.

To get these Ladyfingers:

1. Start with a full nude nail that closely resembles your skin tone

2. With your lighter shade of red, pour a dollop onto a paper plate. Using a piece of a sponge and your tweezers to hold, sponge on red polish near your cuticles. This will get messy, but we’ll clean it up later.

3. With a nail art brush, paint a line of red following your cuticle to create more of a dense area of ‘blood’

4. Repeat steps 2/3 using your darker red color. Focus more of the sponge near your cuticle, layering the color over the lighter red

5. Create small beads of ‘blood’ using the tip of your nail art brush. For some, move the bead downward with your brush to create a drip effect

6. Clean around your cuticle using the Cutex Corrector or nail polish remover with a Q-tip

7. Top it off with top coat


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  • ragenova76

    veru nice!!!

    It is original, but is perhaps best for my fingernails a little longer


    I’ve seen this picture floating around on TUMBLR..LOVE IT!