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MM Rodarte Fall 14

The rad sister duo behind Rodarte has done it again. Season after season they deliver collections that will make you melt and wish there was some way you could be the third sister they never had. Just when you didn’t think it was possible, they top themselves yet again. Did you see the sexed up […]

MM Marni Fall 14

Marni will always have a special place in my heart. Did you know the first runway-inspired nail art I ever did was from the Marni Fall ’11 collection? That was back when I was taking photos on my iPhone 3G and hadn’t quite nailed editing just yet. Kinda crazy how far we’ve come! And actually, to this day […]

MM Gucci Fall 14

In lieu of it being Milan Fashion Week, I felt it only appropriate to circle back to one of the most impactful collections of Fall ’14: Gucci. In case you missed the first Gucci Fall Ladyfinger from March, it was a collection of dusty pastels like I’ve never seen… in textures I only dream of touching. Channeling the […]


MSGM might not be a household name, but if you’re young, rad, and street style’s your thing (as  it is for designer Massimo Giorgetti) chances are you know about him… or you should. His design mantra is s’merging all of his passions; fashion + indie music + contemporary art + digital expression= MSGM. One might […]