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The most anticipated show of the year showed earlier this week, and Uncle Karl certainly did not disappoint. His futuristic mechanical floral garden set the scene for a bright and colorful show. Flowers bloomed over every surface: on top of shoulders, across hemlines, and even flounced upon giant Edwardian-style hats. The real showstopper, besides the iconic […]

Spring ’15 Couture shows launch this week just in time for Superstorm Juno, so while you’re snowed in at home bundled in the most unglamorous of layers treat yourself to the most luxurious eye candy that’s right at your fingertips: Versace Ladyfingers. Kicking off Couture Week was Atelier Versace with the most fierce, fiery looks […]

The collection that stole this Fall’s Haute Couture Fashion Week was hands down Giambattista Valli’s.  Giving models an unapologetic tumbled-out-of-bed-went-straight-to-the-pool attitude with head turbans and sunglasses that basically say “do not disturb”, its abundantly clear that the Valli’s girls are paving the way to making hangovers IRL socially acceptable. Rejoice! No, but really everything about […]

The Victoria’s Secret Angels may reign in the commercial world for sexiest bombshells, but in the couture world it’s the Giambattista Valli girl for Spring. Unattainable, yet so desired are the micro fit and flare minidresses with 3D floral embellishments. Each look in the collection was a showstopper in it’s own right, but the one […]

Ever since I laid eyes on this exquisite Valentino Couture Spring ’14 look a mere 5 or 6 days ago, I knew it was the obvious choice for a Grammy’s red carpet win. And who better to rock this [musical] number than the quirky pop goddess Katy Perry? Great job Katy! And Ladies, here’s how […]