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Katy Perry slaying the Super Bowl

The only thing that ever motivates me to watch the Super Bowl is 1. the food, 2. the halftime show and 3. the Puppy Bowl (in that order) and usually I can be swayed to ditch the whole thing with a Friends rerun on TV. But thank goodness, I was right where I needed to be for this half-time show, because my jaw is still on the floor. In case you missed it, Katy Perry won the Super Bowl. Really, she did.

Frankly it doesn’t matter who scored the most points, because Katy scored the WHOLE. WIDE. WORLD. From a robotic lion, to a badass appearance by Miss Elliott, to larger than life beach toys, to Katy as a literal shooting star– incredible doesn’t even begin to describe it. Can you tell I’m still not over this yet? I couldn’t sleep. I had to recreate her Jeremy Scott beach ball-inspired costume immediately. I have to apologize that in my midnight haste I was unable to take our usual step-by-step photos, but I’ll write them out for you instead.

Here’s how to get them:

1. Start with a full white nail

2. Using nail stripers for each color, I started out with making each triangle separately and then outlined them at the end, but whatever is easiest for you! So go ahead and start with your red triangle. All the points should meet in the middle and you can visualize how each extends to a straight line with another color.

3. Repeat with yellow

4. Then repeat with blue

5. Outline each full line in silver. This should create an X and then a line bisecting the nail

6. Top it off with top coat


What was your favorite part?!



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