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MANICURE MUSE: Alexander Wang Spring ’13

If you haven’t heard the news already, Alexander Wang is confirmed to be the new Creative Director of Balenciaga (!!!). As a lover of both brands, you can imagine how this news turned my world upside down. Ever since the lights went black to reveal a glow-in-the-dark Spring ’13 collection, I’ve been itching to reveal an Alexander Wang look of my own. I can honestly say this is one of my favorite Ladyfingers… ever. His collection featured spliced panels that exposed parts of the body, working it into his design. The effect was sexy in a powerful way and the same is true for the nail. I have been playing with the exposed nail recently and I love it. Besides, showing a little skin never hurt anybody.

To emulate this look, I used a Black Taxi by Nails Inc and a nail art brush.

To get these Ladyfingers:

1. Start with a naked nail (with base coat, of course!)

2. Using your nail art brush, apply a thick black line 1/3 up from the bottom of your nail

3. Apply a line of the same thickness along the tip of your nail leaving a slight space in between the two lines

4. Create a slightly curved triangle at the top of your nail with the point facing the center

5. Make ‘Vs’ and lines facing inward towards the point being sure to leave space in between

6. Applying top coat for this design is optional. I did not as I liked the 3-D effect.

(Runway Photo:, Nails by Taryn Multack)


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