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MANICURE MUSE: Chanel Resort ’16

After a mini-moving [apartment] hiatus, I’m back… and with Chanel! Thanks for bearing with me. Miss Ladyfinger is still stronger than ever and if you ever miss me too much you can always follow me on Instagram.

Last week Karl Lagerfeld showed one of his infamous Chanel productions, but this time far out East in Seoul. He channeled Korean pop-culture with candy colored geometric prints, pigtail buns, and dramatic proportions. In true Karl form, there was plenty of excess, but the look that stood out the most to me was this understated pastel stripe– perfect for the spring (can you even still say “spring” during 80 degree weather?). Grab your brightest neon polish, a striper, and paint some happy.




1. Start with 1 coat of white to make the neon colors pop

Chanel 1

2. Paint two coats of peach polish

Chanel 2

3. With a striper and light blue polish, paint a horizontal stripe 1/3 down your nail

Chanel 3

4. Make a light purple stripe adjacent to the one you just made

Chanel 4

5. Repeat with red

Chanel 5

6. Finally (if you have space) add a slightly darker orange to the top remaining portion of your nail and at the bottom

Chanel 6

7. Finally top it off with top coat– pick matte for a cool effect!


(Photo:, Nail photos: Taryn Multack for Miss Ladyfinger)