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MANICURE MUSE: Emma Watson in Prabal Gurung at the Met Gala ’13

Another standout stunner from the evening was Emma Watson looking exquisite in a cut-out gown designed my by main squeeze, Prabal Gurung. The look was simple with the perfect amount of asymmetrical edge all the way down to the shoes. These elements translate perfectly onto the Ladyfinger and make an equally chic statement (especially with the matte effect).

To emulate this look, I used a black polish with a nail art brush and OPI’s Matte Top Coat.

To get these Ladyfingers:

1. Start with a horizontal line and a diagonal line that meets the point on the right

MANICURE MUSE: Emma Watson 1


2. Create a diagonal line stemming from the point where your tip and the finger meet and have the line extend almost to the other tip of the nail

MANICURE MUSE: Emma Watson 2


3. Create another diagonal line paralleling the diagonal line at the top of your nail, but have the points meet. Then add a short horiozontal line meeting the same point

MANICURE MUSE: Emma Watson 3


4. Fill in the large space in the middle portion of your nail and the space between the triangle at the top

MANICURE MUSE: Emma Watson 4


5. Create a thin horizontal line along the tip of the nail

6. Top it off with matte top coat for a chic matte effect


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  • Lacqueerisa

    Definitely eye-catching! Love the asymmetrical look to it, super love the matte finish! What a wonderful touch it gave to this whole look!

  • Céline 

    i love his dress! amazing idea!