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MANICURE MUSE: Matthew Williamson Fall ’14

If you’ve been following along, you know of my love for Matthew Williamson and his technicolor dream clothes. His bohemian prints and gorgeous use of color are just almost enough to plant us in the exotic destination of our dreams. All we need is the plane ticket.

For the Fall ’14 season, however, Williamson assures us we can survive Polar Vortexes of the future with wardrobe builders. Starting with a black and white starburst carpet, he swapped boho prints for seventies prints, mineral tones for disco hues, topping it off with pattern, sparkle, and texture. Even though we’re in the homestretch (I can almost taste Spring), a Matthew Williamson look is always a year-round love affair. Getting me through these final days is this baby blue skirt suit with the e-toile sunbursts, but take your pick. More Matthew Williamson Ladyfingers here, here, and here.

To emulate this look, I used Truth or Flare, Find Me an Oasis, Licorice, and Matte About You.

To get these Ladyfingers:

1. Start with a full light blue nail

Williamson 1


2. With a dotter tool, apply 5 evenly placed dots of barely white polish


Williamson 2

3. With black and the small side of your dotter tool, dot a black dot on either side of your nail

Williamson 3


4. Instead of a dotter tool, use a pencil to dot small dots around the almost-white dots that remain

5. Top it off with matte top coat


(Photo:, Nail Photos: Taryn Multack for Miss Ladyfinger)

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