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MANICURE MUSE: Matthew Williamson Spring ’13

As much as I appreciate the stark monochromatic collections that force us to focus on the elements of design, I crave color. But for as much as I love color, I also need balance, which is why I love Matthew Williamson. Matthew Williamson is masterful with his use of color. His collections always introduce rich hues that I never knew existed and then grounds them back to new neutrals (not your basic black, beige, brown, or navy) leaving us with effortless tailored pieces witha  free-spirited and laidback approach to glamour. For Spring ’13, Williamson looked back 15 years to his first ocllection “Electric Angels” inspired by India. The result? His iconic graphic prints, impeccable embellishment, and bleeding electric color masked by his new neutral for Spring: a sensual inky blue.

To emulate this look, I used Born With It by Maybelline, Beyond Black by Estee Lauder, Rare by Illamasqua, Kylie by Zoya, and Where’s My Chauffer by Essie.

To get these Ladyfingers:

1. Start with a full light pink nail

2. Using a nail art brush make vertical brush strokes using neon yellow

3. Repeat layering bright pink on top- make sure to vary the lines

4. Repeat with mint green or teal

5. With a royal blue navy, layer on thick vertical lines to mask the neon colors underneath. Let them peek through the lines

6. Top it off with top coat

(Runway photo:, Nail photos: Taryn Multack for Miss Ladyfinger)

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  • Kat

    I love this tutorial! But I have to ask….Why is it that all the runway models I have ever seen are unflattering to look at due to plain, masculine, or just ugly features, or the MUAs have put way too much make up on them/the wrong shades for their skin tones???? This isn’t beautiful.

  • Danisha


  • Vilte Staneviciute

    Found your blog through ‘Comapany’ magazine!!! LOVE these nails!!

  • HeavyBlue

    and just a basic question, are u able to put on your second hand nails?