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MANICURE MUSE: Proenza Schouler Pre-Fall ’13

Here’s your dose of Proenza perfection for Pre-Fall ’13. Prepare to drool. The watery metallic printed pieces, inspired by a trip to Fiji, are to die for, but it doesn’t stop there. The duo reworked their best looks (such as the iconic leather bomber and the spliced a-line skirt) from seasons past to create an all-star marketable collection… a retailer and fashion lover’s dream realized. If you’re like me and can’t wait until it hits stores, hold yourself over with these Proenza Schouler Ladyfingers instead. They’re just as dreamy, if I do say so myself.

For more Proenza Ladyfingers…

To emulate this look, I used Blue Blood by Estee Lauder, Royal by Love & Beauty, Blue Rhapsody by Essie, a piece of aluminum foil, a sponge, and a tweezer.

To get these Ladyfingers:

1. Start with a full dark blue nail

MANICURE MUSE: Proenza PreFall 1

2. With a piece of aluminum foil add a dollop of your metallic blue color. Using tweezers and a piece of sponge dab in the polish and onto your nail starting from the top right of your nail toward s the bottom left of your nail


3. Repeat using light metallic blue, but apply in the opposite direction

MANICURE MUSE: Proenza PreFall 3

4. [Optional] Lightly apply small, barely-there lines of white and smudge with your finger to create dimension

5. Top it off with top coat

(Runway photo:, Nail photos: Taryn Multack for Miss Ladyfinger)

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