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MANICURE MUSE: Reed Krakoff Pre-Fall ’13

Most of my free time these past couple rainy days (aside from breaking for food, of course) has been anxiously refreshing and for Pre-Fall collections. Among my favorites so far is Reed Krakoff’s latest collection. A few seasons ago he described his aesthetic as “warm minimalism” and he hasn’t strayed far from it for Pre-Fall ’13. His impeccable tailoring continues into menswear, but it is the fabrication that is so divine. Between the coats in alpaca cashmere blends, a shift dress in gum rubber-dipped lace, and hand-painted python, it doesn’t really get more luxe than that. As per usual, prints are rare for a Krakoff collection, but this one opened with an eye-catching design that translates perfectly into a winter-inspired Ladyfinger.

To emulate this look, I used Noir by Yves Saint Laurent, Floral Street by Nails Inc, a piece of aluminum foil, tweezers, a piece of kitchen sponge, and a nail art brush.

To get these Ladyfingers:

1. Start with a full black nail

2. Drop a dollop of white polish onto a piece of aluminum foil

3. Pick up your sponge with the tweezers. Dab the sponge into the white polish and then onto either side of your nail. Leave the center portion black

4. Using your nail art brush and white polish apply a row of short horizontal lines on top of the sponged portions on the side of your nail

5. OPTIONAL: Drag your nail art brush in a vertical line to smudge the shorter lines and create more dimension

6. Top it off with top coat

(Runway Photo:, Nail Photos by Taryn Multack for Miss Ladyfinger)

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