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MANICURE MUSE: Tanya Taylor Spring ’14

One glance at this look from Tanya Taylor’s Spring ’14 collection and you’ll feel instantly happier. I certainly did. It’s hard to feel anything but free-spirited and optimistic with the painterly brushstrokes and Crayola bright colors. Since Tanya Taylor is fairly new among the fashion scene (this Fall season marks her fourth) her fresh and youthful take on sportswear does not and will not go unnoticed. If nothing else, this collection will make you want to strut around town in a proper printed skirt suit— preferably paired with a crop top if you so dare. 

To create this not-quite nautical look, you’ll need nail tape and some patience. The result is bright and eye-catching. I promise you won’t want to take these babies off.

Everything you’ll need to create this look can be purchased right here!

To get these Ladyfingers:

1. Start with a full white nail

Tanya 1

2. Cut a strip of nail tape for each of your nails and place it down the center to create a clean line (stay tuned)

Tanya 2

3. Paint a horizontal line of each of the following colors leaving plenty of white space in between

Tanya 3

4. Paint silver and pewter (optional) horizontal stripes in the white spaces that remain

Tanya 4

5. Remove the tape to reveal a crisp clean line!

Tanya 5

6. Place the tape back down in the center of your nail but layering over the very edges of the colored lines. This will ensure your next lines will match up perfectly

7. Using dark blue or navy polish, paint evenly spaced horizontal lines on the remaining side

Tanya 6

8. Remove the tape

9. Top it off with top coat… and voila!


(Photo:, Nail Photos by Taryn Multack for Miss Ladyfinger)

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  • Camicam

    Love it!!

    • Taryn Multack

      Yay- thank you!

  • BeautyChick101

    I just discovered your blog and I’m so glad! You’re really creative and I love seeing all the looks you create!

    • Taryn Multack

      Thank you so much! I hope I can inspire you with more. :*