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Although Alexander McQueen is far from wearable (thank goodness for the more affordable line, McQ), it is art. Each season I look forward to the drama and theatrics of it all, and this Spring season was particularly buzz-worthy. Sara Burton was inspired by bees, so models stormed the runway in beekeeper hats and honeycomb-inspired prints and fabrics. The drama was in the crinoline, however, which increased by at least a foot for each of the final ten looks. The look inspiring today’s nail is one of the more moderately proportioned. Now that we’re nearing Thanksgiving, holiday nails are of the essence. People will be swarming all over these red McQueen Ladyfingers.

To get emulate this look, I used Gia by Zoya, Noir Primitif by Yves Saint Laurent, and a nail art brush.

To get these Ladyfingers:

1. Start with a naked nail prepped with base coat

2. Paint the top of a heart shape in red exposing the top portion of your nail. Fill in the remain bottom portion.

3. Using a dotter tool, dot two touching small black dots randomly within the red portion

4. Outline the top heart shaped lines, using black and your nail art brush

5. Follow the curve of the black line with another slightly below it, meeting the point in the center (optional)

6. Draw vertical lines from the center of the curves on either side (optional)

7. Top it off with top coat

(Runway photo:, Nail Photos: Taryn Multack for MLF)

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