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Admittedly, I’ve turned into that 28 year old who’s too cool to dress up for Halloween. But just because I’ve hung up my skanky Superwoman, Snow White, and Black Swan costumes doesn’t mean I’m done with Halloween forever. No– it just means I’m growing up. Instead I reach for the scary make up (see last year’s […]

Year after year I rack my brain trying to come up with the perfect (most creative) costume when really all I care about are my Halloween Ladyfingers…

Two years ago, I was a ‘60s mod girl for Halloween and the costume went a lot like Moschino’s Spring ’13 collection. It was a ‘60s black and white color-blocked shift dress. If only my costume was by Moschino… and not from a bag. The Moschino collection was slightly one-dimensional with pieces that would have […]

Now Playing: Choco-Latte by Sally Hansen, Color So Hot it Burns by OPI You may or may not recall when Natalie Portman’s character in Black Swan has a serious bad habit peeling back her hangnails… The only reason I know is because I prematurely removed my hands from my eyes mid-squeal. While unfortunately Rodarte will […]