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You’ve treated yourself to your first bright pedicure of the season. You start to shave your legs a little more frequently. Your Fourth of July plans are in place. And you re-introduce yourself to the sun. Why? Because summer is finally upon us. I can almost taste it, can you? Maybe it’s because I’m a […]

Just when you could almost taste spring, Polar Vortex 2.0 (aka Winter Storm Titan) comes barreling through. Thankfully I am en route to the Holy Land where I will be traveling for two weeks. Don’t worry ladies— I wouldn’t leave those Ladyfingers without inspiration, so keep checking in for semi-regular MLF programming. For those of […]

If you’ve been following along, you know of my love for Matthew Williamson and his technicolor dream clothes. His bohemian prints and gorgeous use of color are just almost enough to plant us in the exotic destination of our dreams. All we need is the plane ticket. For the Fall ’14 season, however, Williamson assures […]

Cross-dressing teenagers isn’t exactly what comes to mind when thinking of the ultra-feminine British label, Erdem. But alas, such was the inspiration for Mr. Moralioglu when approaching his Spring ’14 collection.