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As a woman, there are many things we moan and groan about: that time of the month, washing our hair more than twice a week, and for many of us (insert raising hand emoji) it’s shaving our legs. Don’t get me wrong– its always worth it in the end. Who doesn’t want silky smooth legs […]

Now Playing: Power Clutch, Essie So you’re nearing your last few Summer Fridays, plotting your last big white ensemble, and carving out time to whip out your fall chunky knits… it’s transition time. The most painless answer to ease into fall polish (while you reluctantly slide your yellows and neons to the back of the […]

Lollapalooza ladyfingers captured by Vogue. They must not have seen me and my electric blues. Le sigh. (Source:

Check out Zoya’s Fall ‘11 collection Smoke & Mirrors. Super sultry. Marina and Yara are at the top of my list. Which will you buy? (Source: