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The clocks moved backwards and all of a sudden it’s pitch black at 5PM. Suddenly a quick gym sesh is as daunting a concept as hiking the Grand Canyon (except without the warm weather) and all you want to do is dash home to into bed and catch up on Nashville. Sound familiar? 

Halloween costumes were out in full force this weekend. Among them were armies of school girls in plaid pleated skirts, cropped button-downs, and pink puffed pigtails (cue “Hit Me Baby”). But now that we’re finally in an era post-Britney and post-Gossip Girl, it might be time for the school girl to grow up a bit.

Year after year I rack my brain trying to come up with the perfect (most creative) costume when really all I care about are my Halloween Ladyfingers…

Back-to-school time was always my favorite time of year. I openly admit that I was the overly enthusiastic teacher’s pet who color-coordinated her school supplies. As much as I loved school (no, but really—I did), I was the queen of transition clothes. I’m not talking about Summer to Fall. I’m talking about from bed to […]