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Ever since I laid eyes on this exquisite Valentino Couture Spring ’14 look a mere 5 or 6 days ago, I knew it was the obvious choice for a Grammy’s red carpet win. And who better to rock this [musical] number than the quirky pop goddess Katy Perry? Great job Katy! And Ladies, here’s how […]

Spring 2014 marked Alexander Wang’s second season at Balenciaga, and, boy, he did not disappoint. By now you must know that Balenciaga is a longtime favorite house of mine particularly for the quintessential structure and modern aesthetic.  What a relief it was to see that Wang not only kept the razor-sharp shapes, but also moved […]

Today’s post is quite appropriate not just because it’s in tandem with winter storm Hercules, but also for hitting refresh for this brand new year

There are two kinds of shoppers: minimalists who invest in classic/iconic pieces and compulsive shoppers who like to fly by the seat of their [fashionable] pants. Despite being a minimalist at heart, I am the latter.

If you’re like me, you’re probably still dreaming about the Victoria’s Secret Angels who strutted the VS Fashion Show last night. Rightfully dubbed the sexiest night of the year, the angels cooed, winked, and all but made viewers combust or sprint to the nearest gym. This year’s themes were “British Invasion”, “Parisian Nights”, “Shipwrecked”, “Snow […]