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It became clear when E! debuted their revolutionary ‘Mani Cam’ at the Emmy’s last year that there was always a missing piece to the Red Carpet pre-shows. Sure– the dresses, the jewelry, and the shoes are always pretty. But gawking at the Oscar de la Renta dress I’ll never own or the Harry Winston jewels I’ll never be able to afford just isn’t satisfying beyond judging who wore it best. Enter the Mani Cam. Immediately after Zooey Deschanel flaunted her Ladyfingers on the mini red carpet, I recreated the retro-TV nails myself. E’s Mani Cam brings us closer to the Red Carpet than most of us will ever be. But it doesn’t have to be just for the stars. This year, I created my own Miss Ladyfinger Mani Cam and will be sharing all the hot nails at my Oscars party this Sunday (6-11PM EST). Get crafty and do the same! — and be sure to post to Instagram and hashtag #MissLadyfingerManicam.


What you’ll need:

  • A rectangular box (larger than a shoebox works best!)
  • A box cutter
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Ruler
  • Red felt
  • Green felt (or you can use astroturf to create more of a grassy effect)
  • A printed sheet with a logo of your choice

Manicam Step 1

1. Cut the flaps off the box

Manicam Step 2


3. Cut off one of the shorter sides of the rectangular box

Manicam Step 3


4. Place your red felt within the base of the box and measure outwards one inch using your ruler as a guide

Manicam Step 4


5. Using your glue gun outline the perimeter of the red felt and place it within the box so it covers the base

Manicam Step 5


6. Once it’s all secured, line the extending inch of the red felt with glue

Manicam Step 6


7. Fold it over to secure it in place– this will create a polished finished look

Manicam Step 7


8. Repeat steps 4-7 to line the long sides of the box with green felt

Manicam Step 8


9. The empty space at the back of the box is where you’ll want to glue your logo sheet

Manicam Step 9


10. Voila! You have a finished Mani-Cam.

Manicam Step 10


11. Make sure you have your Miss Ladyfinger manicure on! Dont forget: strut your nails and Instagram those Ladyfingers. Use hashtag #MissLadyfingerManicam

Miss Ladyfinger Mani-Cam Final

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  • Carmina U.

    absolutely ADORE the idea!
    Don’t have an instagram account but will let you know if I try this myself!

    hahah – this is super! :))

  • Glamamom┬«

    I *just* may do this!

  • Gotham Polish

    omg I love it.

  • Crazyfornails

    Would be so fun for a party! Everybody get dressed up in your fave mani and strut them down the red carpet! Love it! Great blog btw, I’m telling all my friends about it

  • SaveOn

    Hi Taryn — Just stopped by to let you know we featured your mani cam on our blog! Thanks!