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Let Miss Ladyfinger’s growing base of web supporters supplement and enhance your marketing and advertising programs. Miss Ladyfinger offers a variety of nail art services used by top industry designers, retailers, beauty companies, agencies, and boutiques. provides an excellent direct advertising platform for a variety product types. Resulting in substantial hits, loyal Miss Ladyfinger fans are drawn to the site to view bi-weekly designs and write-ups. In addition, collaborations with fashion insiders result in new visitors that generate in additional views with each new post.

Designers & Retailers

Let Miss Ladyfinger custom design the perfect set of nails to enhance seasonal collections, new product launches and initiatives or custom runway pieces. These custom designs can be displayed on Miss Ladyfinger as a sponsored post and are available for company marketing materials and e-commerce assets.

Advertising Campaigns

Miss Ladyfinger’s unique designs complement campaigns by providing a novel approach to complete a “Total Look.” Designs can be directive to enhance a campaign as a whole creative idea or can be used as an additional asset to be leveraged in marketing materials as an end result.

Beauty & Nail Polish Companies

Miss Ladyfinger’s growing base of on-line followers provides direct marketing opportunities for a variety of Web-based beauty products and lines. Let Miss Ladyfinger create a design exclusively using your line of nail polishes or report on other beauty products your company has to offer.

Special Events

Miss Ladyfinger’s reputation for unique designs is taking the fashion industry by storm. Miss Ladyfinger can provide custom design services for your next product launch, attend events as part of a promotional campaign, collaborate on features for upcoming projects, or provide nail art services for your next function.

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